Windy walk-in closet with ceiling

Windy walk-in closet with burnished ceiling poles, pumice shelves and Trai pull-out trays with glass front.


Windy walk-in closet

The Windy walk-in closet system features wall or ceiling fitted poles with LED lights on the side of the uprights.

A wide range of fittings, which include a desk top and glass shelves, makes it ideal in a bedroom or living room.

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Alterna hinged wardrobe and overhead modules with Gola door, Windy walk-in closet

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Corner module, Windy walk-in closet with ceiling pole and Luk Big bed

Corner module and Windy walk-in closet with adjustment for sloping ceilings

Internal and external storage: the modules in the Alterna wardrobe system integrate perfectly with the Windy walk-in closet.

Dining room

Alterna hinged wardrobe with Grip door and Windy walk-in closet

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Windy walk-in closet

Windy with wall pole

Windy with wall poles, drawer units with burnished Grip handle profile and shelves with burnished clothes hanging rail coordinated with the poles.

Windy walk-in closet

Single bedroom

Alterna hinged wardrobe with TV module, Windy walk-in closet, Icon Big bed and Lucky complements

There are several versions of the TV module: with open units, doors, drawers or deep drawers.

The picture shows a TV module with deep drawers, a drawer and open unit. The central panel opens easily to access a capacious compartment fitted with shelves and cable glands that take wiring to the back of the panel.

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